Jason Willow



An average height, middling weight Itallian man in his 30’s, with black hair and green eyes.


Jason grew up in a well-to-do neighborhood of NYC, where he learned the careful art of information brokering. After mentoring under a number of experts in the area, Jason took what money his parents would lend him, and made a pawnshop in Denver. out of his office at the pawnshop he slowly made a name for himself as a reliable and trustworthy confidant and entrentched himself into a number of local and national “cliques.” Eventually a curious object came to him, a small statue of a demon, losely holding a clear, emerald green orb. as he was handling the statue, he tried pulling the orb from the demon’s mouth, cutting himself in the process. his llife was changed forever in that single moment.

Jason Willow

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